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Our Quality Process


The negotiated bid
Most of Simmons Construction's projects are negotiated. The company works closely with the client to establish project criteria, conceptual estimates and design/construction schedules. Handling this upfront guarantees that all participants are knowledgeable about the process. The team of owner/architect/contractor is formed at this point. These pre-construction services include a full cost disclosure with subcontractor bid results. A guaranteed maximum price (GMP) is established and only Simmons' fee need be negotiated.

Defining the project
Understanding and realizing the client's goals, financial cost and schedule is Simmons Construction's ultimate goal. Simmons analyzes a project's scope, complexity, use, cost and schedule. Simmons then integrates those elements into an overall project pro forma analysis. Through this, Simmons fully understands your objectives and can provide professional expertise to accomplish the job.

Accurate conceptual estimates, based on well-defined project criteria and client needs, are the key to establishing long-term cost control and project performance. Should changes take place, timely estimate updates provide clients the ability to keep costs and project scope in line. All estimates include outline specifications, supplementing the status of the most current drawings. Close attention to estimating and cost controls help frame a major part of every project.

Site prep
Simmons Construction's pre-construction services include confirmation and finalization of many necessary project elements. The team confirms environmental studies, soil reports and topographical surveys. Additionally, Simmons verifies phone service, utility coordination and special needs, such as cable and fiber optics availability. Simmons also assists with governmental coordination for pre-application meetings, building safety and permitting issues.

Value Engineering
When initial designs and client budgets are not in sync, Simmons Construction provides creative and efficient alternatives. The company readily identifies and recommends substitute means and methods to help reach the client's goals. A multitude of possibilities are offered to owners and architects, assisting the team to successfully create the project. Many times this analysis brings value-added items that further benefit the client.

Material Research
Simmons researches the market for ideal materials, equipment and systems. The company searches materials with a focus on cost-effectiveness, quality and timeliness of delivery. An efficient construction process demands attention to these details and Simmons provides this service with every job.

Effective scheduling helps direct every element from design and plans to engineering, bidding and construction. Computerized schedules are updated continually by Simmons and are accessible by the client through our Client Project Login, always providing comparisons of projected time lines to actual results. Monthly expense projections can also be provided to the client to help track cash flow.

Sub Resourcing
Simmons Construction closely monitors the subcontractor industry, maintaining a database that tracks past performances, limitations, bonding limits, etc. A select bid list is created for each project, providing the most qualified bidders from each trade for the specific needs of the job. Each subcontractor's past performance is graded for consideration in future projects, thus providing your project with the knowledge of past track records. Every client receives three to five bids from each trade and is provided a complete analysis and review of bids with Simmons Construction.

Bidding and Buyout
Simmons reviews the plans prior to the bid process, avoiding unnecessary future changes. Our intent is to have a complete and comprehensive set of plans for the sub bid process. Bid packages are thoroughly prepared, closely detailing the scope of each trade's work. A complete breakdown of the bid results accompanies the Guaranteed Maximum Price. All subcontracts are then written, insurance is put in place and maintained, preliminary notices are identified, and lien releases are signed, resulting in a secure, well-insured project.

Homes by SimmonsTM
Simmons Construction Company's Residential Division, "Homes by SimmonsTM", focuses on pre-construction to set the stage for a successful and enjoyable development process. By managing the many details and taking the time to truly understand a client's vision, Homes by SimmonsTM' experts seek to understand YOUR ideas of YOUR dream home and transform them into reality.